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General FAQs

What is Bible Adventures with Duke and Friends?

Bible Adventures with Duke and Friends is a ministry of The Springs of Bonita Church. Duke and his friends love to tell kids about Jesus through Bible Truths. Each month, there is a new story from the Bible taught through videos, and a Bible Activity Box.  These boxes include a monthly newsletter full of facts, activities and parent guide. Materials for hands on activities and games for up to 4 children fill this creative box! Families have hours of fun learning about the friends in the Bible! 

What is Inside the Box?

Who is Duke and who are his friends?

Duke is a friendly bear who loves to tell kids about Jesus! He usually has a story to tell when the kids are in a tough situation. He loves to teach children how to doodle and likes to help Ms. Stephanie cook fun and easy recipes. His pal Professor T has fun and interactive Science experiments that teach the kids about Faith in Christ. Bird Brained Betty and Dixie always have news to share working at Jerusalem Central. Dixie is in the news studio collecting the details of the Bible Truth as Bird Brained Betty surveys the land of the Bible as an eyewitness to each situation. Pappy reminds the kids about the story has he paints just for fun. The most important friend that Duke has is Jesus and each box and video introduces Him to the children. Learn more about Duke's friends here.

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