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Duke is our favorite bear and loves to teach Bible Truths with fun and creativity. His Bible based lessons capture the hearts and minds of families with his personality and charm. He loves Jesus most of all and encourages the kids to do the same!

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Bird Brained Betty and Dixie

These two pals bring Breaking News to you with Dixie in the studio and Bird Brained Betty on site in Bible Land. They tell us details of the Bible Truth and historical facts for us to learn about. Each month, we get an eye witness account about the story we are learning. 

Professor T.jpg

Professor T

Professor T teaches us how God created Science! His faith filled experiments teach the kids how to trust in God. Explosions, tricks and just plain old fun facts combined with Bible lessons are Professor T's specialties. He makes you think and wraps his lessons around each monthly Bible Truth. 

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Pappy loves to paint and create projects to go along with the monthly Bible Truth. He reminds the kids about the memory verse and helps them open their minds to creativity! You will enjoy his projects in the Bible Activity Box each month!


Pastor Travis & Ms. Stephanie

Pastor Travis and Ms. Stephanie love to teach kids about Christ! Pastor Travis loves teaching memory verses and Ms. Stephanie like to hang out with Duke in the kitchen!



Ms. Angelia (Gigi) and Duke have been friends for many years! Together, they teach Bible Truths to families around the world. Listen to Gigi read the stories and share details with excitement! 

Learn about Duke's Best Friend here

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